101 The Shepherd

Stop 101, The Shepherd, by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby, South Dakota, Bronze

Sculptors Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby formed the art studio, Bad River Artworks,  after collaborating on several sculpture projects while attending Northern State University in the late `80's. Sherri and Lee primarily worked high relief sculptures of wildlife and gained a national following through the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Ducks Unlimited where their works were sold to promote wildlife conservation.

The Shepherd represents the joy of returning a lost lamb to the flock, even though the Shepherd is in the midst of a violent storm. This mid-sized bronze represents the storytelling element that can be found in many of Lee and Sherri’s work. Lee describes the design process of always having a through-line – a beginning, middle and end.

These award-winning sculptors were selected as one of four of the "City of Presidents" Foundation's artists in 1999 and have completed four of ten of our nation's presidents as life-size bronze statues.