102 Sprout and Shard

Stop 102, Sprout & Shard by Mark Hall, Minnesota, Bronze

According to the Iroquois creation story, after Sky Woman is safe on the birds’ backs, mud was spread on the back of Big Turtle. The mud grew, thus creating the land, and Sky Woman creates stars, the moon and sun before giving birth to Sprout and Shard. Sprout created all that is good, including animals and rivers with boneless fish. Shard destroyed much of his work, putting bones in the fish and creating winter. Eventually, Sprout defeated Shard and sealed him into Big Turtle’s back.

Hall is a self-taught stained-glass artist, beginning his artistic journey in 1976. He fine-tuned his trade in various institutions including Derix Glass Studio in Germany, Pichuck School of Glass in Washington, and The Studio at the Coming Museum of Glass in New York. “I am a life-long glass craftsman, however heated steel and I ‘speak the same language’. I blend steel for structure and shape with glass inserts adding texture and color to create sturdy shapes that withstand Minnesota’s rugged outdoor seasonal changes,” Hall remarks.