103 Metamorphosis

Stop 103, Metamorphosis by Hilde Debruyne from Iowa

Sponsor(s): Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.

“Metamorphosis” is part of the Metamorphosis series Debruyne has been exploring for many years. She likes to explore a certain theme in her work, especially nature inspired themes like metamorphosis, bird migration, and botanicals. She researches the subject extensively, makes drawings, sketches, and 3d models in clay or paper. One sculpture usually flows into the next. 


Debruyne is attracted to the “transformation” process of butterflies: the struggle they have to go through to leave the cocoon, growing their wings and their desire to fly out.


By observing butterflies, we can learn so much about our own lives: we each go through transformations. Periods of pain and difficulty are often followed by periods of joy and amazement.


Debruyne hopes that there is a moment where the viewer thinks about their own struggles and transformation as they walk around the sculpture and take in the piece from different angles, appreciating how Metamorphosis portrays the different stages the butterfly goes through.


The artist would also like to create an awareness for the decreasing butterfly population with this piece.