104 Passenger Side

Stop 104, Passenger Side by Greg Mueller, Minnesota, Reclaimed Materials

Those that embark on a road less traveled encounter a life of consequential twists and turns - warning signs that both joy and pain lie ahead.  Sharing this experience helps one navigate this existential terrain.  If you are lucky enough to find a co-pilot, remember they sit next to you, and don’t throw it away. Who is on your passenger side?  This work continues a body of work that reinvents with a child-like curiosity forms that celebrate the potential of rejected debris into objects and places of hope.  

Rescuing agricultural and architectural salvage is an intuitive attempt to breathe new life into the reclaimed and cultivate the spirit of the material.  Mueller’s intention is to harmonize the faded and worn into the semblance of a whole. The resulting forms are a by-product of construction and the poetics of materiality.