107 Dreams Take Flight

Stop 107, Dreams Take Flight by Nick Legeros from Minnesota

Sponsor(s): Gislason & Hunter

Legeros’ artistic journeybegan in fourth grade art class, and his enthusiasm for sculpting has grown over 30 years. Blue Ribbon Bronze is the name of his studio and gallery in Northeast Minneapolis.


He says on the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association website “I wanted to become a sculptor because it was the easiest thing to do and the hardest thing for me to do at the same time. It was easy to do because I loved to do it. It was hard to do because (as I’ve come to learn though experience) nothing is easy. There’s great satisfaction in taking something from idea to solid form. Along this journey creative thoughts enter into every aspect of the process and every step holds great potential. Yet materials and techniques are constantly pushing back against your ideas and you have to grow in knowledge and skill just to finish a project. It is this Yin and Yang that keep me engaged in sculpture and I am ever grateful to be a part of it.”