108 After the Party

Stop 108, After the Party by Amy “Pocket” Toscani from Minnesota

Sponsor(s): Mayo Clinic Health System & Neubau Holdings

Toscani’s hand-made objects are physical manifestations of cultural misfits. She is engaged in recoding the mainstream, although her sculpture borrows heavily from Midwestern America. Most of her work focuses on parody. Toscani uses decorative arts and the everyday to critique the world around us. Her concepts are elastic enough that she has room to experiment and take risks.


Toscani’s studio practice starts with her sketchbook. Ideas, materials, and fragments are embodied into a form. Mistakes, edits and possibilities are pursued on paper. The rough sketch guides her start, but she is free to deviate. In fact, deviation is her current pursuit. Colliding and conflating images and objects more directly is her focus at this time.