111 Fertile

Stop 111, Fertile by Tim Cassidy, Minnesota, Steel

The World Trade Center Building in St. Paul, MN is the main source of inspiration for Fertile. The very top of the sculpture is the outline of that building, as one drives on I-94 eastbound approaching the city. When Tim was making Fertile, he was also learning how to use fire to heat and form steel. That is how he formed the outer band around the circle. It would have been easier to roll the band of steel, but at that time he had no access to a roller. Tim also likes the hammer marks on the formed steel. 

“I am fond of the design of Fertile. It has inspired me to make two other sculptures based on that design. I have also drawn a fourth sketch based on Fertile’ s composition, that I plan to make of steel. In fact I drew the latest idea while in Mankato last year during the sculpture installation weekend! Fertile is one of my favorite sculptures!” Cassidy says.