112 Cog of the Wild

Stop 112, Cog of the Wild by Andrew Nyberg, Minnesota, Scrap Metal

Andrew Nyberg is a Mankato native and has been fascinated with art since he was a young child. His grandfather is known for his larger-than-life sculptures that are dotted around Minnesota including the 20' tall bear sculpture at the high school in Byron made completely out of used lawnmower blades.  While attending college, Nyberg took a metal art course that opened opportunities to expand on his artistic abilities. His uncle recommended he follow in his grandfather's footsteps with a twist. Instead of lawn mower blades and scrap steel, he would use found metal objects to create his work. His first sculpture was a life-sized guitar created entirely out of parts found at an abandoned farm. Nyberg 's first commissioned piece was a life-sized moose created from thousands of metal objects both donated and scavenged from a junk yard. The moose was created for the Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton, ND where it is on display in the entrance to their park. The piece was well received which led Nyberg to his next project, a life-sized wolf made in the same fashion titled "Cog of the Wild."