116. Desert Big Horn by Park Pokey

Pokey Park is a sculptor extraordinaire and artist whose early and enduring love of both nature and art are the foundation for her whimsical, magical creations. Her kinship and communion with nature and its inhabitants result in uniquely stylized bronzes of animals of every size, shape and species. Each has human characteristics that bring them to life in an playful manner.  "I create with the hope that my work will bring a smile to the viewer.  My animal sculptures are expressive, almost invariably happy.  Positive energy flows through me into my work and I feel this is why they connect so well with people," she explains.

Pokey’s style is distinctive and the species she has sculpted cover nearly the entire animal kingdom, domestic and wild. From tortoises to lions, birds to bulls, Pokey depicts them in her own unique style, giving them human and endearing characteristics.