119. Maple Seed

Stop 119, Maple Seed by Nathan Johansen from Utah

Sponsor(s): North Mankato Port Authority

The colors in this sculptural depiction of the Maple Seed are symbolic. The green end, which signifies life, progresses through various earth tones into the winged section of the seed showing its natural deterioration.  This dried out, dead wing can still carry the viable, living seed. 


The seed is pointing downward to the earth with the wing up, ready to find purpose in the soil. The seed end is also swelling, preparing for germination. 


The seed section of the sculpture is shell cast, using the lost wax method of casting, while the wing part is fabricated from a plate of bronze using saws, cutting and grinding tools, and then all welded together. The welds are “chased” meaning ground down to the desired level and texture.