121. Is This Yours?

Stop 121, Is This Yours? (3 of 3 in Series: Women in the Workplace) By Jamie Weinfurter from Wisconsin

Sponsor(s): NaKato, Pagliai's & Knutson + Casey

The inspiration for this piece was to create monolith structures that were softened by an embodiment of stereotypically feminine imagery. Weinfurter chose the rose as its depiction references balance and love. The roses in this series of sculptures represent varying stages of feeling complete as one accepts their identity, gender, and personality wholeheartedly.


This sculpture took about 3 months of 12 hour days to complete. The glass roses were individually blown and sculpted from hot glass. Weinfurter was able to create 10-20 roses with each 2 hour session in the hot shop every week.


The most challenging aspect of creating this sculpture was to fit the metal frame around the wooden panels so they were snug against it without burning the wood while welding. Creating the over 100 glass roses in the piece was also challenging but definitely the most rewarding task as their creation heightened Weinfurter’s glass blowing skills.The light that catches off the glass of the finished piece is the most beautiful part of the sculpture.