115 HD

Stop 115, H.D. by Kimber Fiebiger from Minnesota

Sponsor(s): Number 4 & The Pillars of Mankato

The mischievous and well-dressed H.D. brings out the child in all of us. He makes us smile back at him and wonder what is going in that egghead of his!


Fiebiger has been creating sculptures for over thirty-five years, representing two very different artistic sides – her desire to interpret the jovial side of humanity, and her admiration for the essence of spirituality in the human body form. Each piece is her attempt to create human expression and characteristics that exemplifies balance between the geometry of lines and the fluidity and energy of movement. Her inspiration comes in many forms –from yoga, dancers, athletes, and her own playful side. Her sculptures start as a specific idea in clay. The plasticity of clay makes the transition from idea to the final bronze figure a surprising one. She lets her hands and the material take over, sometimes creating what she wasn’t expecting.


Fiebiger likes the challenge of working in metal; taking the hard and fixed and making it free flowing and expressive. She is motivated to create work that will bring joy to those who have been admirers of the art form for many years and those who are new to the methods and materials. She is continually surprised by where her sculptures takes her. A constant, however, is her desire for expression of vibrant body gestures that represent diverse human emotions and characteristics.